About me

I am Lindsey and I am 20 years old. A majority of my life I have been over weight and extremely unfit. It wan't until recently that I made the decision to stop living a very unfit lifestyle and begin the journey of my lifetime.

 I know I am in NO WAY a professional, and you should know what ever works for me may not work for everyone. But I decided that I am going to put my weight loss journey on the internet where the whole world is able to see it because maybe what I am doing can help someone!

A BIG reason I want to loose weight is mainly to be able to have a long a healthy lifestyle. Yes of course I would love to be skinny and fit, who wouldn't want to be. But in no way is what I am doing to change who I am, I am just changing my appearance. I don't want to go through life having difficulties from being overweight. The things that challenge me now will be faced and I will be open to a bigger world once I reach my goal!

What are my goals?
Well my goal would be to get to 150 lbs, be able to run a marathon, and possibly compete in a fitness competition.

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