Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now and Then: Where I am now and where I want to get.

So before I start posting my daily blogs and progress I thought maybe you should know where I stand now along with where I plan to end up. 

I have to start with saying that about a month ago I did start my "actual" weight loss. I wanted to make sure that I was serious about this and going to follow through with it. The first thing I changed was my portions. I would cut what I would normally take as a serving for a meal in half. I also switched to a small plate so to my eyes it looked like I was taking the same amount. After about a week of doing just that I noticed a HUGE difference. The half portions was getting hard for me to finish. I also switched from 4-5 soda cans a day to 1, along with going from a regular coke to coke zero. I did that for 2 weeks, after that I went to NO soda. That was my biggest challenge by far. I love my caffeine and soda with all meals. But I noticed a tremendous difference with drinking nothing but water. Along with doing all that in the past month I also upped my protein intake to double of what I was normally taking. I would make recipes using protein powder. I made sure every meal had a decent amount of protein along with low carb and low calorie counts. With just doing that with no exercise I lost 20 pounds.

At the beginning, before I even started eating healthier I weighed around 231 at 5'8''. As you can tell with that weight and height I am obese. I never looked or thought of myself like that. But I would hide from what I truly looked like with more food. As many obese people say, food was my comfort. But now I know that there is way more than just comfort I need. I need to have a longer healthy lifestyle, to prevent any future health risks.

So fast forward to now, I am still doing the same dieting. I am facing more challenges daily that are hard for me, but I am fighting through it and I keep looking at my goal to keep me on the right track. My family/parents don't eat completely healthy, and it is the time of the year where most people have sweets and candy just laying everywhere around their house. Well our house is apart of that. But I have not dipped into any candy jar, or grabbed any piece of candy at all! I am so proud of myself because I have stayed on track and I have officially built the self control I need to stay looking forward and working hard for my 150 pound goal.

So as of today, October 21, 21012. I currently weigh 211. I see a huge difference in my bust and face. I am starting to see that I am loosing from my top to bottom. And what I mean by that is, my face I noticed the weight loss first now in my bust and waist second. It is almost as if I am loosing from head to toe in order. 

Here are the exact stats of where I am as of today:

Weight: 211.1 lbs
Bust: 38 DD
Jean size: 12 (Standard misses sizes)
Dress pant size: 16 (standard misses sizes)
Dress size: 16 Misses/14 Woman 
Shoe size: 10 U.S.

Here are some pictures as of right now
My goals I want to reach are after

Obviously I am not toned in any way. But my goals I want to reach are to have toned arms and legs and a flat stomach. I want to be fit and healthy so those are the basics of what I am looking for. Now for the number part of my goals.

Weight: 150 lbs
Bust: I don't care
Jean size: 6 (in standard misses)
Dress pant size: (in standard misses)
Dress size: 12 misses
Shoe size: Not to picky about that.

Now I know some people are thinking why did I put bust and shoe size. The reason is because I know loosing weight those will shrink. And I want to show all the changes I can. I don't have a preference in what I hope to be, but I know that they will change with weight loss and time. 

I will start posting daily, sometimes more than once. Make sure you follow me on twitter for constant updates and more! :)

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