Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome to Cosmolindsey Workout!

Hey everyone! Welcome to CosmolindseyWorkout! I wanted my first post on this blog to be all about what you can look forward to as well as a little bit about me and what made me decided to put my weight loss journey on the internet for everyone to see. My next post will be more about where I want to end up as well as where I am starting at. 

How did I get to where I am?

First things first, we can start out with getting to know a little bit about me and how I got myself to the point where I need to loose weight. If you didn't catch it by the title of the blog, my name is Lindsey and I am 20 years old. I was born, raised and currently living in the sunny and extremely hot state of Arizona. When I was  growing up I was a very fit and active child. I played multiple sports and you would hardly ever catch me inside our house. I grew up with ADHD, which made me more active than I already was. 
My family was never a great role model in the eating healthy department. We always had the pantry full of snack foods such as, chips, fruit roll ups, candy, etc. Breakfast and lunch always was full of something sugary and full of things I didn't need. But like I said I was a fit and active kid, I looked as if I never ate enough. Every meal I would also eat unnecessary amounts of food. But being so active I would just burn off everything I ate. It wasn't until I was in the 5th grade when we saw a dramatic increase in my weight gain. I was still very active in sports, but my family started noticing that I was gaining weight faster than an average person. We started seeing all these doctors and everyone just said I was going through puberty and it was natural and my metabolism should regulate over time. Well fast forward 3 years, I was now on the border of being obese for my age. I was going through puberty but the weight gain was not coming from that. So finally my mom took me to a specialist and after a few tests they found out I had a disease called P.C.O.S. With this disease your hormones are out of whack. It causes irregular periods along with weight gain and many other things. Now I can't blame the disease for the weight gain because my diet and choices I made were not the best. And even after finding out what brought the fast increase of weight gain, my eating habits stayed the same. By the time I was in 8th grade I was obese. Like many other people eating became my safety. I would eat my emotions and hide behind food. 

Now lets fast forward to where I am now. My eating habits are horrible. I am now an adult and I still make the wrong decisions. But I grew up in a family that did the same. My basic meal for a day would consist of something similar or very close to this:
Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese and a Coke
Lunch: In'N'Out Double Double large Coke and Fries
Snack:  Coke with chips and I would eat until I felt full
Dinner: A huge portion of steak with half a plate of mased potatoes and 1-2 cokes
Desert/After Dinner Snack: Ice cream, candy anything I could find sweet and a lot of
I would take anywhere from 2700-5500 calories a day. 

 It wasn't until recently when I saw a picture of myself that I realized how much I just didn't care about myself. Here I am eating something that may taste delicious but is knocking time off of my life and is causing future health problems. So I decided that I am 20 years old I am still at a great age to turn my life around and learn the proper things to make sure I live a long and healthy life. 

Some people may think I am crazy to put all of this online along with sharing and showing my progress. But I feel like putting this online will not only build a strength inside of me but also strive and push me more to follow through with it. And the day I hit my goal I can look back and watch myself transform into the women I feel I am capable of being.

What can you expect from this site?

You will be able to find almost anything and everything on this site. I am going to try to put daily posts about how I am feeling. I want to share recipes along with recipes that are tricky to work with, protein powder recipes. I am going to put weekly and monthly gains and measurements with progress pictures. I also have a youtube channel to go along with this blog, so I will post videos of workout sessions on here and take you along with me on vlogs. Anything I can think of that I want to share along this journey may be on this blog. I even want to bring possibly the people that are closest to me and have them share the progress they are seeing and whatever motivational things they may have to say to me all on here. I have soooo many things I want to do with this site. And I am going completely out of my comfort zone doing this but I know in the end I will love that I did it.

What happens when I reach my goal?

I will still keep up with my blogs and videos. I want to help those people out there keep with it and continue transforming their life into a healthy lifestyle. I am not sure exactly what I will do but I know that I will NOT stop making posts and videos for you guys! 

I hope that after reading this you guys are just as excited as I am for this journey. And I really look forward to sharing every step of the way with all of you. And if you are wanting to get healthy but keep putting it off, STOP. Lets do it together, you can follow me on twitter and we can help each other get through this and reach the goals we want! Make sure to check back here daily for a new post and update!

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